PARC Repeaters

The club owns and operates repeaters in and around the greater Portland Oregon area. These are open repeaters, in that we encourage their use by all licensed HAM radio operators.

PARC frequencies:

146.840 MHz (-600) - This is the club's main repeater and is located in Washington in the hills above Camas at a little over 3000 ft. Coverage is very good. It will reach as far south as Eugene, West to Astoria, East to Hood River and North to Longview.

146.940 MHz (-600) - This repeater is located on Mt. Scott, so coverage into the Portland metro area, and South to Salem, is excellent.

147.180 MHz (+600) 103.5 Hz CTCSS - This repeater located on Mt. Scott and running a Yaesu System Fusion repeater in AMS mode to provide functionality to both analog(with a tone of 103.5) and digital users. Previously this was a dedicated digital mode 1200 baud packet repeater.

144.910 MHz (packet) - The long-running packet node has been replaced with WinLink on the same frequency, connect to W7LT-10. Located on Mt Scott.

145.730 MHz (simplex) - This is the traditional PARC home for simplex voice activities.

447.775 (-5 MHz) 103.5 Hz CTCSS - Portland area coverage operating under the WA7NE callsign.

Regular nets hosted on 146.84 (no PL):

 Sunday 7:00PM  Handi-Hams Net
 Sunday 8:00PM  Wilderness Event Communication Training Net
 Monday7:00PM PARC Net
7:30PM  PARC Monthly General Meeting
 Wednesday   7:00PM Multnomah County ARES (McARES) Net
 1st & 3rd Wednesday 8:00PM QRP Net
 7:00PM Multnomah County ARES (McARES) Monthly Meeting
 Everyday 7:30PM Oregon ARES D1 Net - Alternate VHF Repeater

The D1 ARES Net always has priority at any time on 146.84, except during an emergency.
All users agree to relinquish the 146.84 repeater upon request by the D1 Net operator at any time.