Easy 2 Meter Antenna Build by John Portune (W6NBC)

The February 2021 PARC Meeting detailed how to build a 2 meter antenna using simple parts.  The video of the February meeting is here.

The club has created a kit that contains the parts you need to build this antenna.  Members and non-members can purchase one or more kits at $20 per kit.

How to Order
If you would like one or more kits, please email Max (max@noltra.com).  I'll add your name to the list, below.  Please include which pickup location you would like - Oregon City, Sellwood or SE Portland.

The kit includes
1.25" PVC Cap (1)
1.25" PVC Pipe (3 feet)
1.25" PVC Tee (1)
#12 Ring Connectors (2)
#8 1/2" Pan Screw (2)
RG-8X Coax (12 feet)
1" Wide Copper Tape (4 feet, plus 1 foot)
PL-259 Connector (1)
Strip of Paper to Use as Tape Guide (1)
2" PVC Pipe (2 Feet) - for use as weatherproofing radome
2" PVC Cap (1) - for use as weatherproofing radome

You can purchase one or more kits for $20 per kit.  Total cost of the materials in the kit come in at $19.74, so this isn't a high profit making business.
You can pay for your kit with PayPal and other cashless transfers.  You can also leave cash at the pickup spot.

Picking Up Your Kit
We will have three sites you can pickup your antenna kit.  Oregon City, Sellwood and SE Portland.  Because of size, it is impractical to mail the kit to you.

Directions for assembling the antenna are in the October 2020 QST Magazine, page 30.  John also posted directions on his site here.

The kit includes two pieces of copper foil tape, one is 48" and the other is 12".  See this sheet on marking the center before you wrap your tape.

Here is a Tip Sheet that will help you assemble your antenna.

Connecting Your Antenna
If you have a handheld with an SMA (Yaesu FT-60) or a reverse SMA (Baofeng), you'll need an adaptor to connect the antenna to your radio.  I recommend a pigtail type adaptor, which will make holding the handheld connected to the antenna much easier.  Here is one example:

Tuning Your Antenna
PARC will be hosting a Tune Your Antenna meetup, where you will be able to tune your antenna with an antenna analyzer.  These will be outdoor events with proper masking and social distancing.  Dates and locations will be published soon.

If you have any questions, please email max@noltra.com.  Or call Max at (971) 300-4000.

Current Orders Outstanding - March 22, 2021
 First Name Last Name Callsign Kits Pickup Paid Picked Up
 Per Bjesse KJ7TTR 2  PayPal Picked Up
 Merilee Karr KJ7IBU 1  PayPal 
 Dina Matar  1Sellwood  Picked Up
 David Zonies KJ7DLN 1Sellwood  
 Stevi Rae  2 OC & SE PDX Cash 
 Robert Taylor KI7KYE 1   
 Sue Cater KG7ALI 1SE Portland  
 Bridget Rego KJ7JUF 1SE Portland  
 Bill Markwart KG7SEU 1Sellwood 
 Richard Davies K3MTB 1SE Portland PayPal 
 Roger Wirt KI7RW 1Sellwood Cash Picked Up
 Jesse Chaquette KJ7SZP 1   
 David Wolfe KI7WXK 1 SE Portland PayPal 
 Sandy Thompson KJ7QQB 1Oregon City
 Cash Picked Up
 Denny Doolittle WB7UFJ 3Oregon City Cash Picked Up
 Hal Estry KJ7UMH 1Dropoff Check 
 John McBride KJ7UJD 1Sellwood  Picked Up
 Diane Maher KJ7OCT 1Sellwood  
 Chris Martin  1SE Portland PayPal 
 Jay WiltWA7IRN 1Sellwood PayPal Picked Up
 Alan BarberKJ7TJM 1   
 Peggy Jones  1Oregon City Cash Picked Up
 Carol Porto KJ7KDM  1Sellwood  
 Judy Stamp KJ7UDY 1SE Portland PayPal 
 Bruce Schafer AA7PB 1Sellwood PayPal Picked Up
 Ken Clulow K7ENN 2Oregon City PayPal Picked Up
 Harriet Denison KJ7RZV 1  PayPal Picked Up
 Mark Wardell AG7HH 1   
 Steve Neal KJ7VMQ 2  PayPa/ 
 Kamm Prongay AG3H 1 SE Portland  
 Rob Jokinen  1 Oregon City