May 2015 Meeting

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The program for PARC’s May 22nd meeting will be a presentation by Brian Zvaigzne and Patrick Sherman on small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), popularly referred to as “drones”. They are well known nationally to the drone community. Among other things they have done Webinars for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, given presentations at national RC Expos and they run the popular Roswell Flight Test Crew blog. They have an abiding interest in how drone technology can potentially benefit public safety and first responders. Their experience and knowledge covers a broad range. They have given testimony on drones at the State capital and have demonstrated the use of drones to various government agencies. 

Brian and Patrick enlighten people about sUAS hobbyist and they use their drones to demonstrate the potential usefulness of the technology to firefighters and other first responders. Drones can be used for search & rescue, wildland firefighting, disaster assessment and the list goes on. PARC’s May 22nd program should enlighten the amateur radio community in general and ARES in particular to the ‘public safety’ aspect of drone technology. 

There is also an intersection of interest on the technical side between drones and hams. Drones involve the use of transmitters, receivers, telemetry and video. Brian and Patrick build and pilot small drone aircraft and use live video feeds of what the model is seeing. That video application provides a perspective as seen from the aircraft which is known as First Person Video or FPV in RC parlance. Patrick Sherman is a ham (KF7TPN). He acquired his license so that he could legally use the ham bands and power levels to do FPV (First Person Video) flying of his sUAS. 

Given the intersection of interest, this program will undoubtedly be one which you won’t want to miss. 

LOCATION: The meeting is held in the auditorium at the Liberty Centre building, 650 NE Holladay St. (aka Liberty Insurance building) Use the entrance on the south side of the building; use the intercom on the pillar to the left of the door to be buzzed in by security. Sign in at the desk and then take the elevator to the Lower Level (LL) auditorium. Meeting starts at 7:30pm with a brief review of club business followed by the presentation. 

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