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The 146.94 repeater is back on the air! -600 offset, no tone. Located on Mt Scott in SE Portland.

Portland Amateur Radio Club - PARC
Serving the amateur radio community and the City of 
Portland, Oregon, since 1941
Club Call: W7LT
Check out the weekly net, Monday nights at 7:00pm on 146.84

Upcoming meetings:

The program for PARC’s May 22nd meeting will be a presentation by Brian Zvaigzne and Patrick Sherman on small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), popularly referred to as “drones”. They are well known nationally to the drone community. Among other things they have done Webinars for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, given presentations at national RC Expos and they run the popular Roswell Flight Test Crew blog. They have an abiding interest in how drone technology can potentially benefit public safety and first responders. Their experience and knowledge covers a broad range. They have given testimony on drones at the State capital and have demonstrated the use of drones to various government agencies. 

Brian and Patrick enlighten people about sUAS hobbyist and they use their drones to demonstrate the potential usefulness of the technology to firefighters and other first responders. Drones can be used for search & rescue, wildland firefighting, disaster assessment and the list goes on. PARC’s May 22nd program should enlighten the amateur radio community in general and ARES in particular to the ‘public safety’ aspect of drone technology. 

There is also an intersection of interest on the technical side between drones and hams. Drones involve the use of transmitters, receivers, telemetry and video. Brian and Patrick build and pilot small drone aircraft and use live video feeds of what the model is seeing. That video application provides a perspective as seen from the aircraft which is known as First Person Video or FPV in RC parlance. Patrick Sherman is a ham (KF7TPN). He acquired his license so that he could legally use the ham bands and power levels to do FPV (First Person Video) flying of his sUAS. 

Given the intersection of interest, this program will undoubtedly be one which you won’t want to miss. 

LOCATION: The meeting is held in the auditorium at the Liberty Centre building, 650 NE Holladay St. (aka Liberty Insurance building) Use the entrance on the south side of the building; use the intercom on the pillar to the left of the door to be buzzed in by security. Sign in at the desk and then take the elevator to the Lower Level (LL) auditorium. Meeting starts at 7:30pm with a brief review of club business followed by the presentation. 

Recent meetings:
February 27, 2015 - Russ Gubele K7RLG on Mountain Wave Emergency Communications
March 27, 2015 - Dale Hunt WB6BYU on direction finding/transmitter hunting
April 24, 2015 - Dick Howard K7DVK on early broadcast and amateur radio history

February 2015 Meeting
The presenter for the February 27th meeting will be Russ Gubele K7RLG, who will tell us all about Mountain Wave Emergency Communications. Mountain Wave provides a variety of support functions to search and rescue operations, including radio communications in remote areas. Check out their web page to find out more about them now, and them come to the meeting to hear all about it! http://www.mwave.org

The meeting is in the auditorium at Liberty Center, 650 NE Holladay St. Use the entrance on the south side of the building, use the intercom on the pillar to the left of the door to be buzzed in by security. Sign in at the desk and then take the elevator to the Lower Level(LL). Meeting starts at 7:30pm with a brief review of club business followed by the presentation.

- December 1st 2014 Update -

Our Holiday season get-together has been finalized, and we will be gathering for a ride on the Holiday Express train! This is a steam train run through SE Portland starting from Oaks Park and is operated by the Oregon Rail Heritage Center. Tickets are $19 plus TicketWest fees, and you should buy quickly if you want to join us as I'm told they sell out fast. Be sure to get the right time slot - this will be on Saturday, December 13th at 3pm. Click here for more information on the train ride or to buy tickets!

- November 20th 2014 update -

Multnomah County ARES, working with PARC, has launched the fund raising campaign for the communications trailer project! Check out the details and make a donation at their Indiegogo page. Donations are coming in through PARC, which is a 501(c)3 organization.

Club officer elections were finally held during the October meeting. The new lineup is as follows:
President -                     Aaron Johnson, KD7VDG
Vice President -             John Rollins, KD7BCY
Treasurer -                     Pete Rodabaugh, W7PR
Recording Secretary -   Adam Karol, KF7LJH
Director, 1 year term -    Wayne Splawn, WA7NE
Director, 3 year term -    John White, K7RUN 

Many thanks to those that came out to visit us or help setup and operate radios at our Field Day site on Kelly Butte. Be sure to join us next year!

Pictured here from the left are Mark McKay KE7BCJ from the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, Bonnie Altus AB7ZQ, ARRL Northwest Division Vice Director, and John White K7RUN

PARC has a regular breakfast social meeting on Saturdays, held at the Denny's restaurant at NE Grand Ave and Hassalo St(across the street from the Oregon Convention Center and one block south of Multnomah). The next scheduled breakfast will be January 17th at 9am. Due to low turnout with the weekly meet-ups, the event is moving back to a monthly schedule - stay tuned to the Monday night PARC net for more info. Please contact Steve Crouch NO7V for more details crouchsj@msn.com

Regular nets hosted on PARC repeaters:
Handi-Hams Net, Sunday at 7pm on 146.84.
PARC Net, Monday at 7pm on 146.84. General info for the Portland Amateur Radio Club.
NET Net, Monday at 7:30pm on 146.94. Training net for Neighborhood Emergency Team hams.
Multnomah County ARES Net, Wednesday at 7pm on 146.84. See the Multnomah County ARES web site for more information.

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