Welcome to the Portland Amateur Radio Club

The January 13th PARC program is FT8 and other digital systems and is presented 
by Tom, W7TEG.  Tom was part of the field day digital effort this year.  FT8 
has become a very popular HF low power mode.

Tom will cover FT8-Setup, Equipment, Computers vs. Raspberry Pi,-and a few 
ways to use rig controls-- FLRIG vs WSJT use in combo-A limited how it works 
explanation will be included and - we may even be able to make a few 
contacts!! -

Tom will have a brief troubleshooting segment about problems with settings 
for his Yaseu FT-857D.  Setup for different radios can be VERY different for 
setup and Tom has seen a few setups and might be able to help.

Tom will briefly talk about JS8Call, FLDIGI, WinLink and SSTV, and can 
expand on these if people have questions.

The meeting is the second Monday, January 13th at 7:00PM, with the program 
starting by 7:30.  As always we will have time for short walk on 
presentations.  If you have a personal project you would like describe this 
is your chance.

The location is Central Northeast Neighbors 4415 NE 87th Street Portland, OR 
97220 The entry door is at the north end of Fire Station 12, by the small 
parking lot. See you there!

PARC has a regular breakfast social meeting on Saturdays at 8:30am, please note that the location has changed to the Elmer’s at 9660 SE Stark due to the closing of the Village Inn. Please contact Steve Crouch NO7V for more details crouchsj@msn.com

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Portland Amateur Radio Club - PARC
Serving the amateur radio community and the City of 
Portland, Oregon, since 1941
Club Call: W7LT
Check out the weekly net, Monday nights at 7:00pm on 146.84

Club Officers for 2019:
President -                     John Rollins, KD7BCY
Vice President -             Vacant
Treasurer -                      Pete Rodabaugh, W7PR
Membership Secretary - Wayne Splawn, WA7NE
Recording Secretary -    George Noble, KK7FM
Director, 1 year term -    Aaron Johnson, KD7VDG
Director, 3 year term -    John White, K7RUN 

Regular nets hosted on PARC repeaters:
Handi-Hams Net, Sunday at 7pm on 146.84.
PARC Net, Monday at 7pm on 146.84. General info for the Portland Amateur Radio Club.
Multnomah County ARES Net, Wednesday at 7pm on 146.84. See the Multnomah County ARES web site for more information.

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